State pride in a pasta form

How adorable is this???  Pasta shaped in my favorite state…..Texas!!!  I love Texas so much for so many reasons, but how funny to take state pride into pasta.

Texans take their state pride SERIOUSLY though….no joke.  There are many sayings around here, but my favorite one is “you don’t mess with Texas”.  That is the truth!  Nothing good will happen if you kid a Texan about loving their state too much.

When we first moved to Texas, we thought how odd it was that everyone we encountered displayed something Texas-themed….whether it was the Texas flag on t-shirts, wrought iron Texas star wall decor (that’s very popular) and just lots of Texas stars everywhere.  I never would have thought to display wall decor in the shape of Indiana….or Illinois.

I’m used to it now….I have Texas pride, even in pasta form. LOL.

2015-08-18 17.44.58

I found the Texas pasta at my nearest grocery store, and my youngest child cannot get enough of it.  With something this novel, I assume it’s a limited edition and I find myself stuffing my shopping basket with 3, 4 bags of this Texas pasta before it’s all sold out.  The shape is too cool, and it gets my kids to eat their dinner because they think it’s fun…so I’m all for it!  Viva Texas!

2015-08-18 10.47.56