Familiar smell…

I was out running in my neighborhood and I made a hard stop right here:

2015-09-01 10.41.33Like that? Haha…now you don’t have to imagine it, you can see it above.

Ok, so I stopped because I smelled something so very familiar that it was frightening but nostalgic.Β  I smelled Filipino Chicken Adobo!Β  Someone in the neighborhood was cooking adobo for lunch probably.

It was AMAZING…and it smelled exactly like my mom’s Chicken Adobo – that’s why it was frightening to me.Β  It’s like a tangy, peppery, chicken brothy type of smell…and nostalgic because I got visions of my mom slaving over the hot, steamy stove (but with love), with the purr of the stove fan to break up that chicken-y aroma.Β  And, of course, my mom was wearing her hair net.Β  That was and still is an important kitchen aid for her…you know, so the hair off her head doesn’t fall into the food she cooked.

So adobo is not just adobo.Β  I’ve had some adobo cooked by other “Titas” at family parties, but no one can make it like my mom.Β  Could it be that just because I grew up with my mom cooking adobo in our normal dinner weekly rotation, and it’s just so familiar to me?Β  Quite possibly.Β  But I don’t doubt that my mom is the best Filipina cook known to man.Β  My dad even tried to cook it exactly like my mom’s, but he can’t replicate it. (Don’t tell him that πŸ™‚ ).

I kinda liked it….and made me miss my family.Β  So, ya….that was my nostalgic, happy food moment today.