Stepping out of my comfort zone with sushi

sushiI’m so good being pretty adventurous with food and tasting different food….but I’ve never caught onto the raw fish train.

It took all my guts and glory to do my best to enjoy the tastes of an ‘ahi tower’ type of sushi that included all sorts of cold, raw fish, seaweed, caviar, ginger, sesame oil and seeds…and this one included tomatoes?!  Yes, only in Springfield, MO is where you can find this!

It did have tomatoes and I couldn’t figure out where the cold, slimy texture was coming from…the raw fish or the diced tomatoes.

I added as much soy sauce as I can tolerate, but I couldn’t enjoy this raw fish delicacy.  How do y’all do it??  Eat and enjoy it??!  It MUST be an acquired taste, I suppose.

Now, I can at least say, I gave this a shot and tried it….I know, I’ll grow up and eat grown-up food someday 😉