Halo- Halo Holllla!

Do people still say ‘holla’?  Is it still cool to say ‘holla’?  Gahhhh…. I’ve recently visited Las Vegas and stayed with my family there.  And, yes – they do NOT live on the strip.  I’ve discovered my greatest love in Las Vegas while I was there.  It wasn’t the fancy, blingy, schnazzy newer hotels, or the ungodly abundance of overpriced all-you-can-eat buffets….nor was it the 24/7 ding-ding-ding-ding’ing of the slot machines. I fell in love with all the Filipino food venues in and around the Las Vegas metroplex!  That’s something we don’t have here in North Texas, so it was a very pleasant surprise for my eyes. My soul was in heaven slurping on a chilly halo-halo from Jollibee on a 115 degree, sun-blazing, hot day. Halo-halo is a popular chilly dessert in Filipino cuisine.  Yes, I said it was cuisine! When I was a kid, my dad used to make halo-halo by using a steel ice block shaver, and he would work so hard shaving that 1-foot by 6-inches block of ice.  The result was very thinly shaved ice. It was light and fluffy like snow.  I can just imagine my dad now…laboriously pushing down on the metal shaver back and forth on the ice.  I can hear the sound it made….shhhhh, shhhh, shhhh.  Ah, can put me to sleep with that sound.

This is ice shaver my dad used to use. The blade is on the bottom and the ice collects in the compartment, as the lid shuts down on it.

In a cup, add some sweet beans, coconut gel, palm nuts, sliced jackfruit, coconut, cantaloupe, ube (sweet purple yam), top with the shaved ice, drizzle some evaporated milk and BOOM….halo-halo.  If you want to get fancy, you can top it off with a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream.

So excited to have my tasty treat from Jollibee's!

So excited to have my tasty treat from Jollibee!

So, halo halo hits the spot for me.  It tastes delicious, and it also brings back sweet memories of my childhood….enjoying a tasty cup of halo-halo with my family.  That is the sweet life. And for that, I’m gonna say because it feels good, whether it’s cool to say or not….but HOLLLA for halo-halo!