Texas-style burgers

I love themes.  Love themed parties.  Themed birthday gifts.  Themed food menus.  Anything that carries the same thought and message in a consistent….and well, theme!

As I mentioned in previous posts that I’m not a big meat eater. I eat any kind of meat maybe once or twice a month.  Occasionally I’ll crave for a well-seasoned grilled chicken or medium-well done grilled filet.

Last night, I was cravin’ pretty hard on some red meat.  Going carnivore…and I had a pretty damn tasty burger at BJ’s last night that was topped with fried jalepenos and hot pepper cheese with a cold pale ale to wash it down.

Since I’ve eaten this delish burger just last night, I’ve been seeing print ads of burgers, seeing burger commercials on tv, blog posts and read an article about burgers through this morning.

The burger gods are trying to contact me through media….calling me, and are asking me to create an AMAZING and the ultimate burger.  I will honor their calling and take the burger challenge 😉 Haha…

I want to Texas-ize a burger.  Thinking outside of the side.  Not your ordinary Texas burger, it’s got to be different than the millions of Texas burgers out there.  How do I do this? Any thoughts?!!!!  How do I made THE MOST AMAZING Texas “themed” burger….bringing in Texas tastes???

I may be doing some mad brainstorming on how to achieve this godly burger…and better yet, I may be doing some mad experimenting this week.

Stay tuned 😉