Wanna snuggle? And have a bowl of chili with me??

Today was the first real all day cold snap of the Fall.Β  Thirty something degrees in the morning and warmed up to sky-high fifty something during the day….BRRRRR!

I armed myself with a thick, leather winter coat to battle the freezing cold and a slow-cooker to rule dinner.Β  All I kept thinking today is….mmmm, chili sounds SO good.

Chilly night with fire going...wanna snuggle?

Chilly night with fire going…wanna snuggle?

So I threw stuff together to make not just your ordinary chili, but Texas-style chili!

The start of a healthy version of Texas style chili

The start of a healthy version of Texas style chili.

What’s the difference?Β  Well, I thought of stuff that made me think of Texas…flavors with heartiness and layers of spiciness and smokiness.Β  The smoked flavor of mesquite first came to mind.Β  So, I seasoned this ordinary chili and threw in levels of smoky mesquite, a little saltiness, a little sweetness and savory-ness.Β  A lot of -nesses.

Since I’m not a big red meat fan, I went the healthy route and browned up some ground white chicken breast meat.Β  It worked really well.Β  Probably not as flavorful as a ground beef, but it still worked.

PSX_20141111_182830Sprinkled some chopped green onions….shredded cheddar…and scoops corn chips on the side and DONE.

End result....so delicious.

End result….so delicious.

Fireplace going, a warm, hearty bowl of big Texas-style chicken chili….and I’m stuffed and snug as a bug on a rug…and looking a hug…and a snuggle…anyone?!


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